3D Printing

Our primary focus is always 3D Printing. It’s our specialty and our passion. Click below to get a free, instant quote for your project. If you have any special requests, questions, or concerns, you can always contact us and speak directly with a technician, never a salesman!

Baked3D uses HP’s new MJF technology.

The HP 4210 3D MJF prints parts faster, higher resolution, and stronger than FDM.

MJF is a great alternative to injection molding for low to mid quantity parts manufacturing. MJF part quality is similar to injection molding, without the tooling cost.

HP’s 4210 MJF printer creates strong, high resolution, retail ready parts. Bulk discounts available.

why baked3d for your print needs?  

We exclusively use HP’s Jet Fusion printing technology for all our prints. No other 3D printing process can match the same combination of strength, speed, detail, accuracy, and cost effectiveness like HP’s Jet Fusion printing process.

Baked3D was one of the first companies to receive HP’s printers for commercial use, giving us more hands on experience with the technology over nearly all the competition.

Feature you get with Baked3D

  • Instant Quotes – Use our quoting tool to receive am instant quote for all your parts
  • Jet Fusion printing – detailed, accurate and extremely strong
  • Cost effective rapid prototyping of your products
  • Natural, Graphite, and Black Dyed finishes
  • Work directly with our Print Technicians, never a salesman

Our 3d Printing Process

Taking Care of Your CAD Files

A lot goes into handling all your files from the moment we receive them, to the moment your 3D printed items are in your hands. All print ready files are uploaded and stored using secure methods from start to finish. This ensures your confidential information stays protected through the entire process. From there, all files are put through a rigorous process of testing and inspection to ensure the highest print quality. If files pass all inspections and testing, your print is placed into queue for the earliest batch available for printing. If the file fails any part of testing, we may apply certain optimizations, so long as there are absolutely no changes to your final product, such as size, shape, looks, integrity, etc. Our goal is to make the process as fast and convenient for you as possible. If we are unable to make successful optimizations without effecting the final product in any way, we will have the technician working with your order contact you to discuss how best to move forward.

Delivering the Best Print Possible

Once your file has been queue’d for print, we make every effort to get your part into a print batch as quickly as possible to meet or exceed our promised delivery times. As print ready files are moved into the print batch, each and every part is placed to ensure the strongest possible print while still maintaining the best visual appearance possible. Please do keep in mind these technologies are new, however, and sometimes entire print batches may fail for no real season. While we do absolutely expedite all failed print batches, it’s best to keep this in mind when placing an order and allowing plenty of time for any deadlines you may have on your end.

Post-Processing 3D prints

As batch prints finish, each item is unpacked and sandblasted by hand. This process removes any excess materials from your print, as well as provides a finished, clean overall look to the final printed product. This also allows our technicians to personally inspect each an every part by hand to make sure there are no defects, oddities, or unexpected results that may have happened during the print process.

Finalizing your print

Baked3D uses multiple finishing methods to give your print the look you need. After sandblasting the parts to clear excess materials, the parts have a matte gray/white finish. This is the natural color of the MJF process and works very well under most circumstances. Our second most popular option is a black dye process. The dying process may add an extra day to your order fulfillment, but end result is quite stunning. Natural or Black Dye is recommended for functional prototypes. Our 3rd most popular option is a graphite blast, which makes a part really photogenic and great for concept style prototypes.